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Lezingen PTC/USER Benelux Event 2017

Op het PTC/USER Benelux Event vinden eerst de volgende generieke presentaties plaats

  • KEYNOTE PTC Corporate Update, IoT Platform and AR - Mike Campbell, Executive Vice President, ThingWorx Platform van PTC

  • KEYNOTE Creo Technology Update and Roadmap - Paul Sagar, VP Product Management van PTC

Na deze generieke presentaties volgen verschillende parallelle presentaties in maar liefst 5 tracks. Via de Download pagina kunt u de diverse presentaties van het PTC/USER Benelux Event 2017 downloaden.


Hieronder de indeling per ronde:

Closing session 1 - 17:20-17:50
Aan het eind van de dag treft u nog alle PTC Product Managers in een:

  • Ask The Experts, Alle aanwezige Product Managers van PTC
    This interactive panel discussion is always an exciting and educational session! Don't miss this unique opportunity to bring your questions before an exclusive panel of PTC's CAD and Windchill Experts. Do you have questions about moving to Creo, new functionalities, what's coming down the line or perhaps even about a project you're currently working on? This is your chance to get the answers. You'll have access to Creo and Windchill Product managers.

Closing session 2 - 17:50-18:10
  • Verlotingen/Raffle - Olaf Corten

Receptie - 18:10-18:50

Hieronder de indeling per track en een korte omschrijving van de workshops. De tracks zijn zoveel mogelijk opgedeeld in verschillende thema's: Creo, Windchill, MBD, IoT/AR, Diversen:

040 Noord - Creo

1.1 - Rules Perfect: A modern Approach to Configuration and Automation (EN)

Gilles Combette, Charles Farah, SIGMAXIM
RULES PERFECT methodology is an environment in which all rules are met. It allows companies to create End Products that are in full compliance with all Engineering Rules regardless of their complexity or range of variability.
Include Engineered To Order into your design automation with a modular approach to automation.
SIGMAXIM will show you how your rules can drive your design process, examples of automation as well as a demonstration of how to script Rules Perfect automation.
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2.1 - Additive and Subtractive MFG (EN)

Jose Coronado, Product Manager, PTC
In this session we will cover current Additive and subtractive Manufacturing functionality in Creo, like Lattice features and multi-task machining, as we will provide a glimpse about what is coming in Creo 5, like Support Generation for Metal printing, Topology optimization and the new Mold Machining extension powered by Moduleworks.
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3.1 - Design for Connectivity: Creo Product Insight (EN)

Arnaud van de Veerdonk, Product Manager, PTC
The new Creo Product Insight helps you to design and optimize smart connected products. Take advantage of the IoT to understand how your products are really being used, improve product quality, and ensure that future products better meet the needs of your customers.
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4.1 - Introduction to Creo Simulate for Design Engineers

Martijn De Wet , CadCorner/GPO Solutions
Still hard to understand the real impact of a design change to the quality of your product, long delay times to get results from the simulation department, waste of time to update design changes in the simulation software...?
Let's have a look how integrated simulation for design engineers can benefit your business.
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5.1 - Mechanization-Electrification-Automation-Digitalization (EN)

Thomas Trägler, Software Factory
New Ways in Product Engineering and Production
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6.1 - 3D-Printing voorbij de hype

Daniel Hoogstraate, Materialise
De zoekocht naar de juiste toepassingen in Additive Manufacturing
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Eindhoven 1 - MBD

1.2 - MBDVidia for PTC Creo (EN)

Wojtek Zietak, Service & Support Executive - HQ, Capvidia
Creation of fully annotated standard (ANSI QIF, STEP AP242) MBD models in PTC Creo.
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2.2 - Unlock the Potential of MBD by Using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Methods (EN)

James Stoddard, Executive Vice President, Sigmetrix
There is a lot of discussion about Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Model-Based Enterprise (MBE). Most of the industry easily acknowledges the need to move forward with these initiatives to help reduce cost, improve product quality and get to market faster! The challenge becomes figuring out how to best unlock this potential. At the center of MBD is the 3D geometry model that also includes associative PMI and other machine-readable attributes that capture the design requirements. This session will dive into some of the issues involved in creating a comprehensive and complete MBD model. Why GD&T or GPS is the language of MBD, how to overcome some of the challenges in applying GD&T correctly, and how to ensure your MBD model is complete. A demonstration of GD&T Advisor and CETOL 6σ working together to unlock the potential of MBD will be shown.

In this session participants will:
  • Gain a greater understanding of the need for GD&T / GPS within MBD
  • Learn how to overcome some challenges with MBD creation
  • See how to gain confidence in MBD models
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3.2 - Getting Your Digital House In Order: MBD (EN)

Martin Neumüller, Director of Product Management, PTC
Any Model-Based Definition (MBD) process starts with the annotated 3D model. Attend this session to learn how the new capabilities in Creo Parametric 4.0 help you to quickly annotate your 3D models while capturing the full semantic definition. In case your company is not ready yet to fully move to MBD, you will also learn about the powerful improvements in 2D detailing.
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4.2 - From legacy to annotated MBD model in 10 min (EN)

Jan Stothfang, B&W Software
This presentation and live demo will show how B&W software products can help to quickly pimp an existing 3D model to be used in your MBD processes.
Based on a tailored rule set, you will learn how you can add parameters, features, orientations, layers and combined states automatically to the model and how a prescribed set of standard notes from a database can be attached. Furthermore you will watch how holes (cylindrical faces) are colorized based on a configuration to represent tolerance values for downstream manufacturing.
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5.2 - Real Live MBD

Patrick Kerkhof, TFH
Aan de hand van een paar simpele voorbeelden kunt u in deze interactieve sessie kennis maken met hoe MBD modellen eruit zouden kunnen zien en welke tools daarbij gebruikt kunnen worden. Dus echt "Real Live MBD".
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6.2 - Windchill Options & Variants Roadmap

Dirk Luwaert, Ad Ultima
Today, most of the R&D departments have the need to manage configurable products. We will present different use cases in which variability management is key in the company processes.
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Eindhoven 2 - Windchill

1.3 - Windchill Update and Roadmap (EN)

Francois Lamy, VP PLM Solution Management, PTC
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2.3 - PTC Navigate Roadmap (EN)

Graham Birch, Director of Product Management, PTC
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3.3 - PTC PLM Cloud Update (EN)

Irénée Tyvaert, Manuela Fernandez, PTC
PLM Cloud adoption is accelerating. According to a recent CIMdata survey, 95% of manufacturers plan to purchase and deploy a PLM Cloud solution within the next 24 months. These are some of the superior capabilities PTC customers are already experiencing:
  • Rapid time to value with proven, closed loop, enterprise-class, IoT-ready PLM capabilities
  • World-class performance, reliability and security
  • Increased enterprise collaboration with self-service, purpose-built, role-based applications
  • Greater scalability with active user pricing and seamless systems integration
  • Hassle-free PTC-owned upgrades and updates
The time has never been better to move to our PLM Cloud solution.
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4.3 - Easy Product (CAD) Data Management with Windchill

Arvid Surstedt, GPO Solutions/CadCorner
Easy Product (CAD) Data Management with WindchillUnable to find your models, disruption of your workflow to print documents, no clear product or model history, can't find the reason why products have changed and by who? If this sounds familiar it's time to manage your data in Windchill.
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5.3 - Windchill BOM Management for a complete Digital Product Definition

Arvid Sursted & Pieter Peters, GPO Solutions/CadCorner
Windchill BOM Management for a complete Digital Product DefinitionStill typing your bill of materials to Excel, always searching for the same related information, change one part and need to re-open all related drawings in order to update the bill of material? There is an easier way to manage your BOM and a better way to spend your time.
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6.3 - Batchprint with PTC Navigate (Wemo case)

Rik Schmale, USG Engineering
Voor Wemo is het eenvoudig kunnen printen van tekeningen vanuit Windchill van groot belang. Dit jaar is daarom gekozen voor een batchprint-oplossing op basis van PTC Navigate waardoor - tegen minimale ontwikkelkosten - een flexibele maatwerkoplossing wordt geboden op basis van PTC technologie. Het project zit in de implementatiefase, we willen u laten zien wat de oplossing inhoudt en waarom deze ook voor andere bedrijven interessant is. Het betreft een samenwerking van Wemo en USG Engineering PLMCAD / Transition Technologies.
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Eindhoven 3 - ThingWorx

1.4 - Factory Operations with ThingWorx

Dirk Luwaert , Ad Ultima
Struggling to find the right tools to start with an Industry 4.0 initiative? With different use cases we will present what an IoT application development environment can bring your organization and especially your factory.
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2.4 - How Design and Production companies can benefit from Augmented Reality

Xavier Werbrouck & Stefaan Vlaminck, CadCorner/GPO Solutions
Is it hard to understand the value of augmented reality for your day to day business? We will give you a brief overview of how you can benefit for internal and external co-engineering and in combination with production and service teams.
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3.4 - Augmented Reality - An Engineer's New Best Friend (EN)

Mark Fischer, Product Manager & Yves Vael, PTC / Ad Ultima
Learning how Augmented Reality (AR) is helping engineers throughout the design process. As simple as 1-2-3, engineers can now publish an AR experience directly from Creo and visualize their full-scale product in a real-world setting.
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4.4 - AR/VR Demo

Camiel Gubbels, Van Berlo
Design agency VanBerlo operates at the forefront of digital innovation. As part of our 3D workflow we use digital technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented reality (using PTC's Vuforia) in our design process in various ways. From reviewing designs in an early stage, to user testing as well as interactive presentations to our clients.
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5.4 - ThingWorx in high-pressure (Resato case) (EN)

Viktória Houwing & Jacek Gralak, Resato / Transition Technologies / USG
Resato is een innovatief bedrijf, gespecialiseerd in hogedruk technologie en finalist voor de "Onderneming van het Jaar award" in Drenthe. Om haar koppositie te behouden en klanten aan zich te binden, zet Resato in op IoT met ThingWorx. Wij gaan u presenteren wat Resato hiermee beoogt en een tipje van de sluier oplichten hoe dat eruit ziet. Dit project is een samenwerking van Resato en USG Engineering PLMCAD / Transition Technologies.
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6.4 - PTC Thingworx - Inspiring Use Cases @ Savaco Customers

Wim van Geem, Savaco
Internet of Things is momenteel een hype. Het is voor veel bedrijven echter nog lang niet duidelijk wat ze ermee moeten aanvangen. Dus bouwde Savaco eind vorig jaar op basis van PTC Thingworx een IoT-platform dat concreet aantoont hoe de IoT-hype kan omgezet worden in waarde voor een bedrijf. Intussen werkte Savaco samen met verschillende klanten al meerdere interessante use cases uit waarmee klanten meteen aan de slag kunnen. IoT-expert Wim Van Geem belicht hiervan enkele inspirerende voorbeelden.
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