The Netherlands Pro/ENGINEER Users Group

Dutch Pro/ENGINEER Users Conference

The first conference organized by the Users Group was held november 30th, 1995 in Utrecht.

There were more than 100 attendees, which came from a variety of companies (small and large, from entertainmant to automotive and defense).

We had set up an inquiry among the attendees. As a reward for filling it in they all got a small attention upon leaving.

Overall we can say it was a succefull day. The workshops were very much appreciated for their interactive character. In most of the presentations and in the workshops people liked the direct approach to problems in Pro/ENGINEER and how Pro/ENGINEER was implemented. General and commercial talks were not all that much appreciated. Presentation facilities could do better (projection screens). Tips & Tricks followed by an interactive demonstration on a large screen should not miss in the next conference. Pro/READ (books, magazines and other documentation), Pro/MEETINGPOINT (asking and answering questions) and Pro/USERLIST (sheets) were well received. The accomodation was not all that good. Many people complained about having problems getting to the center of Utrecht.


Following is a list of all companies and/or institutions which helped organizing this conference by supplying the Users Group with much needed financial resources. We would like to thank these companies for their support.
See the
'95 Pro/USERLIST for a selection of all attendees.