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Dutch Pro/ENGINEER Users Conference

Dutch Pro/ENGINEER Users Conference 1996

Our second Dutch Pro/ENGINEER Users Conference was held on thursday november 28, 1996 at the University of Technology in Delft.

The entrance fee was 75 guilders

There were approximately 200 attendees (150 payed visitors)

The day opened with three very good Pro/AWARD presentations by SRON, Serpent and Philips Medical Systems.

PTC had a few presentations: Tips & tricks and one about The CEP program.

The afternoon had a variety of parallel workshops:

Most of them were very well received.. During the whole day a visit could be made to the following exhibitions:

The Pro/READ stand was well supplied with mainly High Mountain Press info (books & magazines). All attendees could take a leaflet for a discount of 15% on all HMP items. This offer expires February 28, 1997. Leaflets are still available, if you forgot to take one you can contact me at with your full address and I will send you a copy.

From all Pro/AWARD voting forms one was chosen to receive a set of four High Montain Press books.

Another person was chosen by SpaceTech to receive the 3D-Spaceball.

After counting all the forms we had a close finish but eventually Serpent won the 1996 Dutch Pro/AWARD competition with their new radiographical steered racing car (scale 1:10), designed in 10 months ready for market. Visit their web-site on All three nominees received an organiser from HP and the winner also received a cheque of 1000 guilders from PTC.

We also had Pro/INTERNET (a PC with an Internet connection) up all day.

Overall, people were very enthousiastic. We are currently going though the evaluation forms and are planning to put the outcome also on this Page.