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Dutch Pro/ENGINEER Users Conference

Dutch Pro/ENGINEER Users Conference 1997

The 1997 Dutch Pro/ENGINEER Users Conference was held nov. 27th at the University in Delft. We had more visitors compared to previous year: 160 paying attendees compared to 136. This was a bit less as expected, but still a considerable amount.

In the morning four Pro/AWARD Nominee presentations took place. These presentations were selected by PTC Netherlands and the User Group out of 24 entries:

All had 20 minutes to present their work. The conference attendees could choose a winner, by filling in a form. The winner was announced at the end of the day.

After these presentations (which were very well received) PTC did a demo on Pro/INTRALINK.

After the lunch the conference got a more informal character with three times parallel workshops in three different conference rooms resulting in an increased mobility. The workshops were:

During the breaks in between the workshops people had the opportunity to attend to the various vendor presentations:

Furthermore they could surf over the web, take a look at all High Mountain Press material and off course meet many other Pro/E Users and the PTC Representatives.

After the workshops everyone went to the main conference room to prepare for the announcement of the Pro/AWARD winner and wait and see if they perhaps enrolled in one of the prizes that could be won:

Now it was time to announce the 1997 Dutch Pro/AWARD Winner chosen by the conference attendees themselves ... and the winner is:

Fico Molding with the AMS-M presented by Olaf Corten.

The AMS-M is an automatic molding machine for IC's (modular in concept) used in the back-end of IC production lines. The presentation mainly focussed on how such a large project was organized: 30 engineers (20 from service bureaus) working concurrently on one machine consisting of 2500 models with a total of 750Mb of 3D Pro/E data. He mentioned how company standards were incorporated, how Pro/E was used with such large assemblies and how layouts were used. Also other tools that were used besides Pro/E were addressed, like: Pro/PDM, Pro/MECHANICA MOTION, COSMOS/M, POV-Ray and Unix scripts to build all sorts of pages on the Fico Intranet. A demonstration of their Intranet was included. He also showed how they used Pro/E shaded images in the Man-Machine- Interface and in the On-Line manuals.
Olaf Corten received 1000 guilders and the Dutch Pro/AWARD from PTC.

The day ended with an informal drink.